The essence of the project: 
Norwegian sport club management tool. 
This project consists of two products:
Web-admin for managers, coaches and accountants, and mobile app (iOS and Android) for players.
My role:
Lead product designer
Updates and new features created for this product:
- Build a design system for web and mobile apps based on Flutter Material;
- Created several key features of the product, like Dashboard, Accounting tool and Integrations;
- Overseed all the UX improvements;
- Performed user research by using Hotjar, implemented metrics gathering and conducted user interviews;
The task was to create an important data overview for team managers, because they need to provide that data monthly to government. 
Also it was important to track new and left members to do all important paperwork. 
Did several interviews with club managers to understand their needs, conducted user-testing sessions using Maze and Figma prototypes.
Event calendar
Club manager needs to see the calendar of events based on selected sport group. Its important to distinguish groups, see their place in the hierarchy and make sure ventures don't intercept. 
Payments overview
There was an interesting task here: how to show the percentage of payment of membership fees among all groups, taking into account possible 5-fold nesting in the hierarchy.

Interesting system for showing 3 types of possible payments and adding fast filters based on user interviews

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