This is a task for Dev.Challenge Final round. It had to be done in 8 hours.
Propose a minimum viable product (MVP) design solution that allows war veterans to:
- Submit their business ideas or initiatives, both existing and new.
- Explore different initiatives started and maintained by other war veterans.
Several of my friends are now serving at “zero”. I asked them about their plans after the war, about their interest in starting their own business. Most people do not plan to open a business, but I was lucky, and my friend Valery would like to open a paragliding school.

After some quick interviews, I identified some pain points

"I don’t know were to start"
"I am not sure governments can help me in any way, but I will google it"
"I don’t have an idea yet"
"I would like to submit my idea so that I can find sponsors or partners"

Regarding current solution:
"I don’t have all that information that the questionary asks, I want to know the whole process first and what I need to get"
"Amount of projects on one page is too small, hard to just browse to find interesting projects"

Some interesting quotes:
"I don’t have an idea yet, it is interesting to see what other veterans do"
"It would be nice to find a community of veterans that are interested to start a new business and talk about it with them. Like a chat"
"Since I have no knowledge on how to start a business' I would love for it to be easy in our country"
"My internet here is very limited and this website loads poorly"
"If governments can give me financial or other help I would like to know that first"
"Where are those projects? I would happily donate or order something"
Problem statements
Valeriy is a soldier on the frontline with a dream to start a paragliding school after the war
who needs knowledge on how to start a business in Ukraine
because he has no idea how it works in Ukraine and is afraid to make a bureaucratic mistake

Ishtvan is a soldier on the frontline that is interested to support veteran’s business
who needs to know where he can learn about veteran’s projects
because he would like to support by buyng product or services, or even donate.
User stories
User story (wants to start business)
(who) As a soldier who plans to create his own business after the war,
(what) I want to see all the necessary stages that I will have to go through, and see everything that I will have to provide in order to register my business
(why) so that I can find out in advance what I need to start it and get additional help

User story (interested person)
(who) As a soldier and future veteran, that, like no one, understands the difficulty of reintegration,
(what) I want to have a convenient platform of existing veteran businesses
(why) so that I can help fellow veterans in their businesses by purchasing their products and services, and possibly investing
If we create a platform where you can conveniently view existing projects of veterans and share them
Then people will be able to share such a list among interested patriots and help such businesses with purchases or investments
If we provide veterans with a clear list of steps that they need to go through and a list of documents that need to be prepared to start a business
Then they will be able to begin preparing for the creation of their business in advance, so that they can start it as soon as they have the opportunity
If we provide information about specific assistance that the government is ready to provide
Then we will raise the interest of the military in starting their own business after the war
Our platform dedicated to showcasing veteran-owned businesses 
will let people browse and share existing businesses easily
which will enhance the visibility of veterans' businesses among patriotic citizens.
We will measure effectiveness by tracking user engagement metrics, quantity of veteran businesses and conversion of visiting the businesses links.

Our platform for helping veterans fund and promote their own business
will give veterans the opportunity to learn which support programs their business is eligible for 
which will increase the motivation of veterans to create their own business and help them earn money after the war. 
We will measure effectiveness by tracking quantity of veteran businesses and number of support calls regarding filling out the form.
Ideas and solutions
- Website that is optimized for slow internet;
- Easy assessable for mobile;
- Browsing page with existing businesses of veterans
-- Filters;
-- Card with business description
--- Ability to share;
--- Link to the website where visitors can buy/order the product;
- CTA to Submit business or idea that will help post the business and check what support programs can be applied;
- Select “Existing business” or “Idea”:
- Enter all the information from cards;
- Enter information that is needed to filter out the programs that can be used;
- Show the list of eligible programs that can be applied to the business of veteran;
(out of scope for dev.challange) page “Create your business”
Necessary steps to open business in Ukraine;
Show how governments can help on each of the steps

Lo-fi prototypes for user testing
Browsing and Form
Insights (Forms)
I showed this low-fidelity prototype to soldiers and couple of friends. They liked the prototype in general, but I got some insights:
- We need to show users the preview before publishing in the end
- Fields “Company type” and “Size” cause confusion, need to add some explanation
- I understood options on the first screen, no need for subheader with description
- Not sure what to write in description, I’ve always been bad with texts
- I may want to finish the details about my company later
- “Finish” is a little mysterious. My bad.
Fixes after User testing
Insights (Browsing)
- “Hmm, looks interesting! I would still like to see the owners on the cards. Because if this is a platform for veteran businesses, then the identity and history of the founder is important”;
- Avatar is too small and not enough. would like to see photos of products;
- Somehow mark that this business used a grant.
How can we test it?
- User engagement
average time spent on business list page, number of businesses visited per session
Quantity of veteran businesses on the website over time
Track the growth in the number of veteran businesses that register and are listed on the website over time
Conversion of visiting the support project details
“Form” conversion, preferably with funnels to see what people pick and wht stop
Conversion of “Share” button
Conversion of “Website” button
Conversion of “Contact button” button

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