The essence of the project: 
Multilanguage mobile apps for an e-commerce auto-parts shop, that sells products in 26 countries with unique feature - catalog shows only those products, that fit user's car.
This project consists of two products:
Web-site, separate mobile web and two apps - for iOS and Android
My role:
Product designer, Growth
Updates and new features created for this product:
- Full redesign for both Android and iOS versions, using Material 2.0 new features for Android with unique backdrop garage feature for both platforms.
- Organized a design system;- Improved checkout conversion: removed authorization, split it into steps, carried out optimization;
- Setting up the GDPR policy;
- Created a filter suitable for a specific case;
- Detailed tracking of delivery;
- Added guest mode;
- Redesigned payment by card, added NFC and card scanning;
- Added tutorials and tips for new users;
- Functionality of viewing photos in 360;
- Added animations to improve memorability;
- Added offers;
- Added the functionality of storing coupons;
- A unique feature for accumulating bonuses;
- Unique timer of offers in the basket to increase conversion;
- Creation of a specific internal tire store;
- Created illustrations for splash screens;
- Creation of icons and materials for stores;

- And many more...

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